Customer Testimonials

"Just installed a Girard water heater in a '61 Airstream I'm renovating. The water is as hot as you need and takes only 10-15 seconds to heat up."

- Tom S.

"I would not hesitate to buy this hot water heater again! It works perfect in our RV. This thing is just awesome and no more waiting for water to heat up for back to back showers or dish water. So far, it does not appear to be using much propane and exceeds our expectations, only wish we would have bought one sooner."

- Joni D.

"A great product. It installed perfectly with no modifications to the connections from the old water heater. It was an easy install and makes tons of hot water. No more military showers for me! I highly recommend this to anyone with an old tank style water heater in their RV!"

- T.B.

"This Tankless water heater is an easy installation replacing a 6 gal Atwood that came in our Fleetwood Tioga. Located the Digital Control next to the kitchen sink makes it really convenient to control hot water temperatures using the Hot Water. Being able to visually see the output temperatures on the control really helps. I may look into getting an additional control for the shower but we don’t use it as often as the kitchen sink and it’s really easy to set and forget for shower and hand washing temperatures. Nice unit well made great fit and a better exterior access door. Love the frost free feature when boon docking in the Winter spring and fall as an added protection."

- Ray B.

"This water heater is great for us. Here is the link on how we installed it. It took us a day or two playing with the settings to get it to the temperature and flow… We are happy and glad we swapped out our water heater to this one."

- Kris G.

"Competitive priced and detailed - Well written instruction made it an easy install, with electronic display to top it off. Seemingly the best of it's kind. If the pressure is adjusted at the final outlet (facet, etc.) it will produce a max flow and temperature rise."

- Karl J.

"We camp occasionally and we would camp more often if my wife was able to take showers the same time as she does at home without running out of hot water. After installing this myself which was pretty easy, It takes less space and is much lighter and now. I am not toting around an extra ten gallons of water. Using it for the first time this past weekend I got a thumbs up from my wife that it works!"

- Mike V.